Coroner - R.I.P

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A high quality technical thrash metal release which doesn't quite venture into the experimental territory Coroner would get into later in their career but does the job of establishing them as a credible force. A mild Hellhammer/Celtic Frost influence can be detected, particularly in Ron Royce's vocals - no surprise considering the band's origins as roadies for Tom G. Warrior's band of outlaws - but they do a decent enough job of carving out their own identity as the album progresses that this mild homage can be forgiven. Through the basic but acceptable production on the album Tommy T. Baron's lead guitar comes off the best, so fans of his playing definitely shouldn't pass this one up.

A1. Intro
A2. Reborn Through Hate
A3. When Angels Die
A4. Intro (Nosferatu)
A5. Nosferatu
A6. Suicide Command
B1. Spiral Dreams
B2. R.I.P.
B3. Coma
B4. Fried Alive
B5. Intro (Totentanz)
B6. Totentanz
B7. Outro