Crawlspace / Full Court Press - split [LP]

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Back in 2000 GSR released a split cd of 2 of Belgium's hardest bands in those days, Crawlspace and Full Court Press. Now, 20 years later, the long overdue LP version for "The Art Of Warfare" is ready for pre-order. With a new lay out, done by Mr. Liar Hans Verbeke himself, we'll bring you a 12", with side A featuring the 3 songs of each band, and a beautiful screen-print on the B side. Comin in a 3/4 open cover. Strictly limited to 300 copies, NO repress. Don't miss out on this one! And do keep in mind, the cd has been sold out since a long time...

We have only 1 version for you, limited to 300:
- one side music / one side screen-print
- 3 quarter folded open sleeve
- blank label with stamped title

A1. Crawlspace - Predator
A2. Crawlspace - Exclusive Rip-Off
A3. Crawlspace - Intruders Die Hard
A4. Full Court Press - Time Will Tell
A5. Full Court Press - Me Against The World
A6. Full Court Press - Good Things Never Last Here

"The Art Of Warfare" brings you two of Belgium's most respected bands in the way of Crawlspace and Full Court Press who play differing styles of Hardcore but still keep it heavy and hard.

Both Full Court Press and Crawlspace hail from the Limburg region of Belgium and this is not where the similarities end as both bands manage to put up 3 tracks of the most brutal and intense metalcore you can imagine, but with both having their own style. Full Court Press bludgeon the listener with a sound that would sit well with New Jersey’s finest as they spit out a barrage of thunderous breakdowns and groove laden songs. Crawlspace on the other hand bring the mosh like no other can with an onslaught that will have people trying knock seven shades of shit out of one another in the pit and inducing breakneck circle pit action with their ferocious riffs and venomous choruses. Do you dare?

For fans of: Hatebreed, E-Town Concrete, Slayer