Crime In Stereo - House & Trance

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It may have been 13 years since the last record, but Crime In Stereo are back with the announcement of its forthcoming album House & Trance, set for release on 27th October 2023 on Pure Noise Records. Lead single Hypernormalisation analyses the apathy of people in the face of their imminent demise,"The wildfires gathered themselves together, advancing enough petition signatures to force a vote on rerouting subterranean magma ducts directly into any east/west commuter corridors. Cities of water rushed in from the sea only to circle the neighbourhood for hours, stymied by alternate side parking." House & Trance feels like the natural next step for Crime In Stereo. It was entirely self-produced by the band (outside of it, both Romnes and Cioni are acclaimed and accomplished producers), and flows on so well from their past that it’s almost like the intervening decade and a bit hasn’t happened.

1. Pensioner
2. Superyacht Ecopark
3. Rogue Wave
4. Hypernormalisation
5. We Can Build You
6. Goliathette
7. Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire
8. House / Trance
9. Autotourniquet
10. Skells