Criminal Instinct - Terrible Things [LP]

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Criminal Instinct make music for stomping on people’s faces. The Atlanta hardcore punk band has been around for the better part of a decade, and they’re just now getting around to releasing Terrible Things, their debut album.

Terrible Things follows a few demos and the 2014 EP Fever, and it’s a jackhammer of a record — 14 songs, most of them about a minute long — full of barked threats and ripshit riffage and mobbed-up knucklehead gang chants. The only moments of reprieve come when the songs end and we might get a little clip of an old country song or a sample from a Robert De Niro movie. In short: This thing kicks a whole lot of ass.

Limited to 350 copies - black & white pinwheel.

A2. Tears Won't Fall
A3. The Virus
A4. Cowards Run Pt. III feat. Bruce LePage
A5. Been Down That Road
A6. Good Luck Out There
A7. Don't Wanna Know You
B1. Victim
B2. Daily Lobotomy
B3. Grave Chaser
B4. Yours Truly
B5. It Don't Show On Me
B6. Land That Feeds
B7. Acid Rain