Crowbar - Crowbar & life +1 [CD]

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I usually don't care for Live albums, but when I first heard Crowbar in the early 90's I wanted to get one of their CD's. At the time All I Had(I Gave) was the only Crowbar I had heard, but I liked it enough I definitely wanted to hear more from them. At the time I didn't have internet access, so my resources for finding music I liked was limited. I came across Live +1 and bought it despite of it being live. It has All I Had on it, so I figured why not. It is definitely worth every penny. A few years back I sold my CD collection to pay bills, and I am currently building my collection back up. I bought this album first, again, and now that I can sample from most of the other albums I realized there is a lot more Crowbar for me to enjoy. I ordered all the albums, because Crowbar is just that good. If you want a good place to start with Crowbar I recomend this CD, although you really can't go wrong with this band. Just make sure you get Crowbar from the 90's and not the 70's.