Crowbar - Equilibrium [CD]

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Crowbar has put out an album consistent with their style. It is an extremely hard cd with terrific riffs. If you like the sound of Crowbar and are a true fan you will not be disappointed. They have definitely not left anything to be desired. After listening to this album you will not be searching for any harder music. I do not believe any band compares to their absolute true metal performance unless you throw pantera into the mix. True metal fans will love this one. Just try not to break any personal belongings when listening to this one.


1. I Feel The Burning Sun
2. Equilibrium
3. Glass Full Of Liquid Pain
4. Command Of Myself
5. Down Into The Rotting Earth
6. To Touch The Hand Of God
7. Uncovering
8. Buried Once Again
9. Things You Can't Understand
10. Euphoria Minus One
11. Dream Weaver
12. Untitled Bonus Track