Crown The Empire - The Resistance (deluxe edition)

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Since bursting onto the scene in 2012 with their debut full-length "The Fallout," Crown The Empire have shown no signs of slowing down, selling over 140,000 albums and touring with The Used, Of Mice & Men and Pierce The Veil. Their sophomore album, "The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways," was such a success, the band has decided to bring their fans a deluxe edition of the album which introduces four bonus tracks, including a reinvented version of "Machines" and an acoustic version of fan favorite "Millennia," as well as two tracks new to this release.

1. A Call To Arms (Act I)
2. Initiation
3. Millennia
4. Machines
5. The Wolves Of Paris (Act II)
6. Mnstr
7. Second Thoughts
8. Maniacal Me
9. Satellites (Act III)
10. Rise Of The Runaways
11. Bloodline
12. The Phoenix Reborn
13. Johnny's Rebellion
14. Prisoners Of War (bonus track)
15. Cross Our Bones (bonus track)
16. Machines Reinvented (bonus track)
17. Millennia (acoustic version) (bonus track)