Cursed - The Rest [LP]

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Compilation of different recording sessions.

Contains insert.
A1 to A3 - from Cursed (2) - Demo (Winter 2001/2002)
A4, A5 - from Cursed (2) - Hell Comes Home b/w Search & Destroy (2004)
A6 - unreleased outtake from Cursed (2) - One sessions (2003)
A7, B2, B3 - from Cursed (2) - Blackout At Sunrise (2006)
B4 to B7 - from Cursed (2) - The Last Session (2008)

A1. Polygraph
A2. God And Country
A3. Another Day
A4. Hell Comes Home
A5. Search And Destroy
A6. This Time Next Year
A7. Blackout At Sunrise
B1. The Hands Will Abide
B2. Hawaii
B3. Reparations
B4. Promised Land
B5. Polygraph
B6. Antihero Resuscitator
B7. Into The Hive