Darkest Hour - So Sedated, So Secure [CD]

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After the original release of "So Sedated So Secure" took legions of metalheads by storm, Victory Records and Darkest Hour gave fans a taste of where the madness all began by reintroducing the classic album that jump-started a movement and proved that there is still a home for passion in metal. The vocals on the entire album were re-recorded for a contemporary feel, and the original "So Sedated So Secure" was remixed in its entirety. Now available again on vinyl with two additional tracks. LP includes a free MP3 download.

1. An Epitaph
2. So Sedated, So Secure
3. The Hollow
4. Another Reason
5. No Closer Than A Stranger
6. A Cold Kiss
7. Treason In Trust
8. The Last Dance Massacre
9. Be Forewarned (bonus track)
10. Go Back To The Gym (bonus track)