Dead Heat - Certain Death

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Hailing from the land of no toilets, Oxnard, CA, Dead Heat is the latest band to fly the Nardcore flag, this time with imagery and style that may be a little closer to the thrash and art of bands on the "Welcome To Venice" compilation. Regardless of their sound, the band has been making waves on the festival circuit with wild performances at United Blood Fest in Richmond and Sound And Fury Fest in California, among others. For fans of Power Trip, Take Offense, Leeway, and "Best Wishes"-era Cro-Mags. Limited edition of 500 copies.

1. Controller
2. To The Core
3. Prisoner Of Mind
4. Certain Death
5. Judgement Day
6. The End Incomplete
7. Last Rites
8. Access Denied
9. Estamos Aqui
10. Trapped