Death Threat - For God And Government [CD]

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Having seen this band progress from a side project of Hatebreed, some changes great and small have evolved. With the introduction of a metal aspect, the music was able to move into areas that may not have been acceptable in a purely hardcore situation. The situation got a bit out of hand due to the idea that the metal could move the crowd into a "tough guy" place. With the change of key personnel, the new band has created music that maintains its edge. It has some damned good riffs and breakdowns that move a pit into action. Aaron's personal lyrics were brought to the front and a more human aspect came into play. A close listen makes you appreciate those that surround you. This new music is well worth any and all radio play it gets, and they deserve the best. They work hard at their music and should get the recognition that they have worked so hard for.


For God And Government
Spit It Out
As One We Stand
Time Is Now
Watch Your Mouth
Still Alone
Bombs Will Fly
Live In The Moment
Known All Along
Broke And Bummed Out
Last To Know
Path I Choose
No Farewell