DOA - War On 45

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Sudden Death Records is stoked to announce the 30th anniversary reissue of DOA's "War On 45," making the epic release available on vinyl for the first time in over 15 years. Produced by Thom Wilson (The Offspring, Iggy Pop) and originally released on Faulty Products and Alternative Tentacles, this eight-song 12" plays at 45 RPM (which confused a lot of people back in 1982 when they spun it at 33 RPM) and it was the band's follow-up to their landmark "Hardcore 81" album. Alongside core DOA members Joey "Shithead" Keighley and Dave Gregg, the recording features the rhythm section of Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery (Pointed Sticks) on skins and vocals, and Brian "Wimpy" Roy Goble (The Subhumans).

1. Liar For Hire
2. I'm Right, You're Wrong
3. America The Beautiful
4. Lets Fuck
5. War
6. I Hate You
7. War In The East
8. Class War