Dritte Wahl - Fasching In Bonn [LP]

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The first record by the Rostock punk rock formation Dritte Wahl was released in 1992 on the Amöbenklang label. It was the first release for both the band and the label. Even with these old recordings by Dritte Wahl, you can already see quite well where the journey will go. Hard guitars, driving drums and honest lyrics with heart and mind determine the songs. Dritte Wahl immediately attracted attention throughout Germany with this album. Punk fanzines were full of praise, and even the metal mag "Rock Hard" discovered "a real pearl" and heard "hard-rocking German punk".

A1. Fasching In Bonn
A2. Lebenslänglich
A3. Keine Angst Vor Deutschland
A4. Frohes Fest
A5. Wahltag
A6. Tobias
A7. Kein Ton
A8. Verlorenes Paradies
A9. Die Kündigung
B1. Raff Dich Auf
B2. Amerika
B3. Egal
B4. Konvoi Des Todes
B5. Kampf
B6. Hoch Im Norden
B7.; Mainer Strasse