Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh - split 7"

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Crushing split between two of today's best. Dropdead bring you 6 new tunes of their patented crust/powerviolence/hardcore that they have been playing for 15 years. Look Back and Laugh bust out 3 songs of intense hardcore played the way only they can play it, with female vocals and bass stylings of Brian Stern of Talk is Poison, Dead and Gone and Creeps On Candy fame.

1. Dropdead - What Could Be
2. Dropdead - Boxed In
3. Dropdead - Brick By Brick
4. Dropdead - A Final Question
5. Dropdead - Words Of Truth
6. Dropdead - Another Stone
7. Look Back And Laugh - Fuel The Conquest
8. Look Back And Laugh - Hero's Salute
9. Look Back And Laugh - Kick The Chair