Dry Socket - Shiver 7"

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Left-wing aggro, self-hate, and total fucking shredding - the "Shiver" EP boots six tracks of melodic hardcore punk directly into your ears, straight out of the hotbed of social unrest - Portland, OR. Danielle Allen's vocals stand out, raw and full of rage with lyrics ranging from climate change, the damaging effects of capitalism, to not feeling safe existing as the person you are. Backed by tight, focussed musicianship and a good understanding of what makes a hardcore song pop - the satisfyingly nasty breakdown at the end of "Muzzle," the swagger and drive of "Icebergs," and the frenzied power in "Made" make you wanna flip out and punch yourself in the face. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Damn You
2. Icebergs
3. Made
4. Muzzle
5. Self Hate Care
6. Scarred