DYS - Brotherhood + live CBGB 1983

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Brotherhood 12''
A1. Open Up
A2. More Than Fashion
A3. Circle Storm
A4. City To City
A5. (The Girl's Got) Limits
A6. Brotherhood
A7. Yellow
A8. Stand Proud
A9. Insurance Risk
A10. Escape
A11. Wolfpack [Unlisted]

Live At CBGB's 1983
B1. More Than Fashion
B2. Yellow
B3. No Pain No Gain
B4. Held Back
B5. City To City
B6. Brotherhood
B7. Open Up
B8. Escape
B9. Stand Proud
B10. Blood On The Streets
B11. Wolfpack
B12. Girl Got Limits
B13. Insurrance Risk
B14. Intro
B15. Circle Storm
B16. Louie Louie