E. Town Concrete - The Second Coming

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E-Town is what P.O.D. tries to be. If you like P.O.D., then you will love this cd and forget that P.O.D. even existed. This cd contains a combination of hard hard metal, jazz, and rapcore complemented with some of the deepest lyrics you will ever hear. This cd has not left my cd player since I bought it. I strongly recommend buying it if you haven't already. Unfortunately there are no samples to judge it by and the only samples for this group are from their new, lame cd that no one I know even bothered to buy. Take my word for it, this album is good.

A1. Soldier
A2. First Born
A3. Dirty Jer-z
A4. A Father's Marathon
A5. Guaranteed
B1. Pacemaker
B2. Stranglehold
B3. Sick World
B4. Shaydee
B5. Weak Link
B6. The Phoenix