Earth Crisis - Breed The Killers [CD]

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Similar to their previous releases, heavy metal environmentalists Earth Crisis combine brutal music with thought-provoking lyrics on Breed the Killers. Their musical approach can be compared to such other politically oriented bands as Rage Against the Machine and Sepultura, but Earth Crisis' compositions contain more prominent elements of hardcore than the aforementioned outfits. For example, "Ultramilitance" is an anthem for eco-terrorists, inspired by those who put an end to whaling ships and fur factories. Heavy riffs and drumming can be found throughout the entire album -- the opening "End Begins," "Drug Related Homicide," "Filthy Hands to Famished Mouths," and the title track are all prime examples. An album for the real EXC fan...


End Begins 3:09
Filthy Hands To Famished Mouths 2:58
Breed The Killers 3:50
Wither 3:19
Ultramilitance 4:43
Into The Fray 3:15
One Against All 4:18
Drug Related Homicide 2:45
Overseers 3:13
Death Rate Solution 3:05
Unvanquished 3:39
Ecocide 3:19