Edgewise - Angels & Addicts

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Edgewise's first release after a 20-year hiatus, this blistering release, engineered and produced by Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday), combines an old-school hardcore sound with relentless, grinding metal. The band's current lineup features longtime Edgewise members Al Spina on vocals, Vince Spina on guitar and Matt Tincani on bass, along with veterans Jess Goldey (My Turn To Win) on guitar and Kevin Ruggeri (Ten Foot Pole) on drums. After successfully testing their new lineup in Philly hardcore shows featuring the likes of Slapshot and Wisdom In Chains, Edgewise combined forces with seasoned producer Fred Mascherino to generate this four-song EP. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 534 copies.

1. Choked Out
2. Swift Remedy
3. Angels And Addicts
4. In My Veins