Eighteen Visions - Inferno [10"]

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Shrouded in mystery, Eighteen Visions have released their first new material since their 2017 Rise Records comeback album ‘XVIII’. A self release and a concept record inspired by Italian poet Dante Alighieri‘s 14th century masterwork The Divine Comedy, it has surfaced without fanfare; the only inkling of its appearance prior to it’s release being a soundcloud stream of “Sink” a month beforehand with the line “We wanted a concept that would artistically fit the vibe of the music we were writing. Dark, punishing, and hateful.” At the time of writing, it’s unclear as to who was involved with the creation of “Inferno” and specifically whether former Evergreen Terrace and current Stick To Your Guns guitarist Josh James had any input. We know that vocalist James Hart, drummer Trevor Friedrich and multi instrumentalist Keith Barney (guitars, bass keyboards, piano, programming, backing vocals) are essentially the core of the group and that the band was announced as one of the performers for Furnace Fest 2020 before it was postponed…

1. Sink
2. The Wicked
3. Thirty One
4. Bleed The Sheep
5. The Void
6. Perils Of Sin