Emmure - Slave To The Game [CD]

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In just five years, Emmure has released four albums, played nearly 1,000 shows and helped define the genre "deathcore." Their fifth album, "Slave To The Game," breaks out with even more intensely brutal songs combined with menacing lyrics and a mean vocal delivery as the band stays on top of the game in 2012. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.


1. Insert Coin
2. Protoman
3. She Gave Her Heart To Deadpool
4. I Am Onslaught
5. Bison Diaries
6. Poltergeist
7. Cross Over Attack
8. Umar Dumps Dormammu
9. Blackheart Reigns
10. MDMA
11. War Begins With You
12. A.I.