Employed To Serve - Conquering

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In terms of modern British Metal, it’s hard to find a more inspired export than Employed To Serve. As their sludgy metalcore/post-hardcore album The Warmth of a Dying Sun in 2017 clarifies, this band has the nuance, catchiness and proficiency to super-charge their raw aggression. But where followup Eternal Forward Motion in 2019 hinted at more “metal” and less “core,” the band’s latest album Conquering fully embraces the tenets of NWOAM bands like Lamb Of God and Machine Head. While being able to name check massive bands that easily might belie an originality problem, Employed To Serve imbues its arena-ready metal with the thoughtful chops that first made them noteworthy.

1. Universal Chokehold
2. Exist
3. Twist The Blade
4. Sun Up To Sun Down
5. The Mistake
6. We Don’t Need You
7. Set In Stone
8. Mark Of The Grave
9. World Ender
10. Conquering
11. Stand Alone