Enforced - Kill Grid [LP]

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ENFORCED is a thrash metal band from Richmond, Virginia who formed in 2016.

Crossover/thrash metal has never exactly been the genre most known for its media exposure, especially on major metal labels. However, with the political nature of the United States in 2021 being the way that it is—especially suited for the anger and vitriol of thrash and crossover—this might be the perfect storm for Enforced to bring more fans under their banner. Enforced themselves are a dual threat, with a sound much like Power Trip and High Command of recent, but also reminiscent of early Corrosion Of Conformity and Cryptic Slaughter to boot. It's a vile mixture that couples well with their Richmond, Virginia roots and their obvious neighbors like Municipal Waste, Lamb of God, and GWAR. Needless to say, the stakes are high for Kill Grid, the band’s second proper album and their debut on Century Media Records.

1. The Doctrine
2. UXO
3. Beneath Me
4. Malignance
5. Kill Grid
6. Curtain Fire
7. Hemorrhage
8. Blood Ribbon
9. Trespasser