Enslaved - Utgard

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Enter “Utgard”. Enter a record brimful with northern magic. Let all those other bands sing about Thor’s mighty hammer and poor Odin hanging from that tree in miserable weather conditions. ENSLAVED are looking behind the mirror, tracing the origins of the well-known fables of the northern world back into each and every one of us.

The unusually rollicking rock’n’roll touch of ‘Urjotun’ or the archaic voice from the deep that is ‘Utgardr’, the raging force of ‘Flight Of Thought And Memory’ or the elegiac final curtain ‘Distant Seasons’ show ENSLAVED more open, more focused and simply more brilliant than ever.

A1. Fires In the Dark
A2. Jettegryta
A3. Sequence
A4. Homebound
B1. Utgardr
B2. Urjotun
B3. Flight Of Thought And Memory
B4. Storms Of Utgard
B5. Distant Seasons