Evergreen Terrace - Dead Horses [CD]

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For the past 15 years, Jacksonville, FL's Evergreen Terrace have been building their diehard fanbase by doing what they do best; delivering fast-paced, melodic hardcore with soaring choruses and brutal breakdowns. Over the course of their career, Evergreen Terrace have managed to sell over 133,000 albums. The band's latest effort, "Dead Horses," beats any expectations you could have for a new album. Evergreen Terrace sounds like a band who has finally hit the peak of their ascent.

1. Crows
2. When You're Born In The Gutter, You End Up In The Port
3. Post Satanic Ritual Baby
4. Dead Horses
5. Browbeaters Anonymous
6. It's All Over But The Cryin'
7. Lacuna Inc.
8. Mike Myers Never Runs, But He Always Catches Up
9. The Fortunate Ones
10. That Dog'll Hunt