Everybody Gets Hurt - It Is What It Is

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This album shows a more mature side of EGH and proves that they are one of the best in the hardcore scene today. E.G.H. had the privilage to work with Nando Redrum guitarist from the band Irate, Phil Vibes vocalist from Irate, Martin the vocalist from Billy club sandwitch, Radia vocalist from Bitchslap, Steve petit former guitarist of E.G.H., Harley Flannagan from the Cro-Mags / Harley's war, Jessica Pimentel former E.G.H. vocalist, and finally Goat from Murphy's law / Merauder / Subzero / Joe coffee all played on this album, and they all helped make this album a great success...


1 Economics
2 Goon Squad
3 Family Affair (Murderers Come With Smiles)
4 Red-Eyed Devil
5 Through The Sands Of Time
6 No Compromise
7 Old Soul
8 Innocent Dreams Shattered
9 Scumbag
10 Clean Slate
11 Runners Song
12 At Sunset In Osaka