Evol - Experiments In Fear 1988-1992 [10"]

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The ultimate album, the holy grail of crossover / hardcore, the record that complements the holy trinity of the genre in full correspondence with this classic metal after Widespread Bloodshed / Love Runs Red of No Mercy and Lost My Head … But I’m Back on the Right Track of Beowulf, is the Experiment in Fear of Evol. It was released by the band itself in 1992 and essentially we’re talking about a celebratory / anniversary released in 2016, 25 years after its first press.

The songs are full of energy with a punk / hardcore mentality and merciless headbanging thrash while the crossover cuts, the gang vocals and the funky bass are also dynamically present. Jason Brown is on vocal duties (along with his brother Jimmie Brown on drums formed Cycotic Youth from 1984 to 1988). He spits the lyrics with great ease, changing mood whenever he feels like it, performing as the perfect frontman mixing Hardcore and Thrash Metal reminding you at times of Cyco Myko and John Conelly.

A1. Crimes of Violence
A2. One Word of Truth
A3. Death Machine
A4. Why?
B1. Cyco-self
B2. Evolove
B3. Experiment in Fear
B4. Abandoned Society