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Gore Metal Maniacs EXHUMED announce the 25 year anniversary deluxe reissue of their legendary debut album Gore Metal! Fully remastered audio of the original mix by Arthur Rizk (Kreator, Cavalera, Power Trip, and more,) Gore Metal now features expanded artwork, live tracks (digital only), and liner notes!

 Side Gore
A1. Necromaniac
A2. Open The Abscess
A3. Postmortem Procedures
A4. Limb From Limb
A5. Enucleation
A6. Casketkrusher
A7. Deathmask
 Side Metal
B1. In My Human Slaughterhouse
B2. Sepulchural Slaughter
B3. Vagitarian II
B4. Blazing Corpse
B5. Deadest Of The Dead
B6. Sodomy And Lust