Explosions In The Sky - Big Bend [2LP]

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In 2019, Explosions In The Sky was approached to craft the score to a new documentary about a place with which, as native Texans, they were very familiar: Big Bend National Park. That documentary, Big Bend: The Wild Frontier Of Texas, premiered on PBS in the United States as well as on a variety of networks in other countries in early 2021. Those brief cues have been expanded and transformed into a thoughtful, gorgeous, full-length album that recalls some of the band's most magical and memorable moments from their storied history. Vinyl version includes MP3 download.

Track Listing:

1. Chisos
2. Climbing Bear
3. Woodpecker
4. Spring
5. Flying
6. Camouflage
7. Swimming
8. Stories In Stone
9. Summer
10. Nightfall
11. Owl Hunting
12. Sunrise
13. Big Horns
14. Autumn
15. Cubs
16. Pallid Bats
17. Rains Legacy
18. Bird Family
19. Winter
20. Human History