Facewreck - Pennsylvania Hardcore: Pittsburgh Style [CD]

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Pittsburgh vs. FWH - And the story continues... In the past 20 years FWH wrote several successful chapters with Steel City bands like VOW OF HATRED, NO GOOD DEED, UNIT 731, STEEL CITY FIRM and END OF HUMANITY. Now it´s time for the next piece of massive Pittsburgh Beatdown brutality. "Pennsylvania Hardcore: Pittsburgh Style" features the 4 tracks of their "Pittsburgh Style - Demo" released in May 2018 plus 2 new PA Hardstyle tunes. Another proof that the Pittsburgh scene is the ultimate melting pot of heavy Hardcore and Beatdown music.

1. Gorilla Warfare
2. Keep It Correct
3. Rise Above Hate
4. Powerless
5. Bring Down Da Pain
6. Dictated By Discipline