Faith No More - We Care A Lot

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A1. We Care A Lot
A2. The Jungle
A3. Mark Bowen
A4. Jim
A5. Why Do You Bother
B1. Greed
B2. Pills For Breakfast
B3. As The Worm Turns
B4. Arabian Disco
B5. New Beginnings
C1. Greed (Orig Demo)
C2. Mark Bowen (Orig Demo)
C3. Arabian Disco (Orig Demo)
C4. Intro (Orig Demo)
D1. We Care A Lot (2016 Mix)
D2. Pills For Breakfast (2016 Mix)
D3. As The Worm Turns (2016 Mix)
D4. The Jungle (I-Beam SF, 1986)
D5. New Beginnings (I-Beam SF, 1986)