Focused X Minds - The Facts Remain

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It seems that every time heavier influences become all the rage in hardcore, an element of the scene harkens back to the glory days of the late '80s. As with any new era of musicians drawing heavily on past influences, Focused Minds don't simply rehash the old, but instead put a contemporary twist on the youth crew sound, creating songs that feel familiar, yet current. Their first full-length, "The Fact Remains," serves as evidence of this, demonstrating a well-versed awareness of those that came before them while reinvigorating the style for a 2013 hardcore scene.

1. Intro / Pay The Price
2. Set Free
3. Mind Right
4. My Choice
5. Scene Of The Crime
6. I'll Decide
7. Content
8. In Control
9. The Commitment
10. See The Same
11. Lowered