Foreseen - Grave Danger

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Returning a few years and a few tours after their debut album, "Helsinki Savagery," set the world ablaze, Finland's Foreseen is back with the topically resonant, savage, crossover burst "Grave Danger," their second album for 20 Buck Spin. Continuing the direction of its predecessor, this album delivers the punishingly relentless pace and aggression now firmly established by the band's iron hammer. Scraping, throat-ripping vocals with lacerating thrash hardcore breakdowns twist seamlessly with an '80s heavy metal tenacity, exemplified on tracks like "Fearmonger," "Bloodline" and "Chemical Heritage."

1. Violent Discipline
2. Chemical Heritage
3. Fearmonger
4. Bloodline
5. Downward Spiral
6. Grave Danger
7. Government Cuts
8. Suicide Bomber