Frozen Soul - Encased In Ice

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After the huge success of their 2020 released first full-length “Crypt of Ice” FROZEN SOUL - the masters of ice-cold death metal - are back with a reissue of their 2019 original demo EP “Encased in Ice”. Including three previously unreleased bonustracks such as cover versions of “Mandatory Suicide” (Slayer) and “Morbid Devourment” (Entombed) as well as a brand new artwork.

Deluxe vinyl reissue of Texas most infamous death metal crew's first demo EP, Encased In Ice, including four bonus tracks on 180 gram vinyl + A2 poster.

A1. Encased In Ice
A2. Hand Of Vengeance
A3. Witches Coven (Mortician cover)
A4. Merciless
B1. Tormented By Time
B2. Mandatory Suicide (Slayer cover)
B3. Morbid Devourment (Entombed cover)
B4. Crypt Of Ice