Fury Of Five - At War With The World [CD]

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1. At War With The World
2. Wake Up America
3. No Time For Love
4. Once Upon A Time
5. Takin' Respect
6. Last Place
7. Follow The Tracks
8. Do Or Die
9. Inbred Hate
10. Just Go Quietly

Forming in 1994, FURY OF FIVE are no strangers to NYC Hard Core. They've left their mark in clubs from Avenue A to 154th Street. However, FURY OF FIVE hail from New Jersey and are hand in hand with the other hardcore bands coming out of the neighboring big city. What makes this band so unique is their ability to attract the typical hardcore/punk kid with their street-level, fuck society lyrics coupled with skankable songwriting and the average metalhead through their proficient use of head-spinning, jagged riffs. Having been on numerous compilations, and releasing two 7"s as well as a full length album entitled 'No Time to Smile', FURY OF FIVE's fanbase has spread like medical waste on the Jersey shore, becoming one of the biggest drawing underground acts in the state.
The band has toured extensively throughout the Northeastern United States and has two European tours under their belts. The aggression, mayhemand energy that exists at a FURY show is unsurpassed. 'At War With The World' was recorded at the reknowned Normandy Sound by Jamie Locke (Vision of Disorder, Madball, Obituary...).
FURY OF FIVE is the epitome of what today's underground music scene needs- a brutally honest, in your face, hard-working band. Get out your steel toed boots- FURY OF FIVE are 'At War With The World'.