Gameface - Every Last Tape

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The end of the century was a significant moment for Southern California's longstanding pop-punk-emo-rock-etc. band Gameface. "Every Last Tape" is a collection of demos and live tracks recorded in late 1997/early 1998. They capture the rawness and excitement of a band finding their sound and becoming who they are. LP includes digital download of album and five additional tracks. Limited edition of 100 copies on yellow vinyl, exclusive to Rev.

1. Everything I Do Is Wrong (demo)
2. Mean (demo)
3. Boy Wonder (demo)
4. Shock Tester (demo)
5. Last Of The Good Guys (demo)
6. If You Want My Advice (demo)
7. What I Learned In School (live)
8. Sweet Wreck (live)
9. The Easy Way (live)
10. Hey Radio (live)
11. The Difference Between Flying And Falling (live)
12. (Unlisted Insane Jam)
13. Sweet Wreck (demo) (digital download only bonus track)
14. What I Learned In School (demo) (digital download only bonus track)
15. The Easy Way (demo) (digital download only bonus track)
16. Hey Radio (demo) (digital download only bonus track)
17. The Difference Between Flying And Falling (demo) (digital download only bonus track)