Get The Shot - Merciless Destruction

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Following the thrash-influenced "Infinite Punishment", GET THE SHOT this time incorporates death metal and beatdown elements on "Merciless Destruction". Over countless tours across the globe the band has taken inspiration from many bands along the way and refined their sound, while also taking influence from some of the top heavy artists such as Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Machine Head. On "Merciless Destruction", GET THE SHOT consolidates its independent approach despite a tedious and fraught recording process.Hardcore community anchorage has never been greater, driven by a clear strategy, a group on top of their game and unwavering dedication.

1. Ultimate Warfare
2. Seeds of Dissension
3. Merciless Destruction
04. Deathbound
05. Bloodbather
06. Reign in Blasphemy
07. Terminal Slaughter
08. Diabolus Vobiscum
09. Divination of Doom
10. Blind to Peace
11. Season of the Damned II