God Dethroned - The Christhunt [LP]

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Vinyl re-release by Vic Records of the GOD DETHRONED debut album "The Christhunt".

Dutch death-metal band God Dethroned was formed in 1991 by vocalist /lead guitarist Henri Sattler with several friends and released their debut demo in 1991, recorded and mixed at Franky's Recording Kitchen (Asphyx, Severe Torture). God Dethroned released their debut on the German label Shark in 1992 entitled ‘The Christ Hunt’.


1. Intro: Necrosapiens
2. Hordes of Lucifer
3. Christ Carnage
4. Infernal Sights of a Bloody Dawn (Morbid Rites)
5. Necromagnon
6. The Christhunt
7. Cadavers
8. Unholdin of Hewe
9. God Dethroned