Grand Cadaver - Deities Of Deathlike Sleep

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This is the yellow red/orange marbled vinyl edition.


Christian Jansson and Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity formed the old school death metal band Grand Cadaver in 2020 and released "Into the Maw of Death" in 2021, one of the death metal highlights of the year.

In August 2023, "Deities Of Deathlike Sleep", the hotly anticipated follow-up, was be released. The bar is set high, but don't worry, Grand Cadaver will once again ignite death metal fireworks of the highest order.

1. The Forever Doom
2. A Crawling Feast of Decay
3. The Wishful Dead
4. Serrated Jaws
5. Deities Of Deathlike Sleep
6. Vortex Of Blood
7. Funeral Reversal
8. True Necrogeny
9. Stabbed With Frozen Blood
10. Necrosanctum