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I've been a devout H2O fan for years, but I've only recently completed my H2O full length collection by picking this up. I must've been insane to have lived without this CD for so long. Obviously (look at my username), H2O has had a huge impact on me as a person, more specifically the lead singer Toby Morse. I think I'm lucky that I haven't seen H2O live while this CD has been absent from my collection (actually I'm seeing them live for the first time in August), and here's why: There isn't one bad song on here. Of course, with the exception of Go, you can pretty much say that for all of their full lengths. Most specifically, their debut album is NYHC with a little more cheerful mood to it, if you will. Songs like "Spirit of '84", "Surrounded", "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow", and especially "5 Year Plan" and "Family Tree" have extremely infectious choruses or just "crew" vocal parts in general that beg you to memorize every word. Yeah yeah yeah, so what? This can be found in every hardcore band, right? Maybe, but I can only think of a few bands, namely Warzone, that incorporate true and positive lyrics in a such a catchy yet serious manner. Sorry if that didn't make any sense. Another great thing about this CD compared to the others is that it's FASTER. Positive, catchy, and fast is the way hardcore should be, and even if this isn't really a hardcore album, H2O stays true to their roots and delivers in a truly distinctive way.


5 Yr. Plan
Scene Report
Spirit Of '84
I Know Why
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Family Tree
My Curse