H8000 Anger & Distortion 1989-1999 [DVD]

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H8000 hardcore is a household name in hardcore and punk worldwide. Documented
here for the very first time in vivid detail, to prevent the memories from evaporating
as time flies by. With its main protagonists getting older and focusing on other things
in life, we saw the time fit to tell the tale, before the recollections of how it really was
get faded by the ages. This historical scene report chronicles the H8000 hardcore heydays,
the alpha and omega of a small but enthusiastic scene. Spanning a full decade brimming
with sheer energy and dedication, this documentary brings you the story of an underground
phenomenon that clashed with mainstream society and was often misunderstood, even
within its own group of peers. Brash, aggressive but brutally honest and pure, this unique
movement revolved around a circle of friends doing something they felt they needed to do.
Something that, at a certain point, just blew out of proportion in a natural way. Relive the
vibe of a vibrant subculture that lived drug-free, meat-free and basically did it all themselves -
from booking their own shows and tours to releasing their own records and literature.
More than 25 years down the line, H8000 proves to be one of the most significant exponents
ever to emerge from Belgian youth culture. Its spirit and influence still lingers on…