Iceburn - Burn Fall 7"

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Iceburn was born of Salt Lake's early straight edge hardcore scene but ventured into the deepest realms of jazz, metal, classical and avant-garde experimentation during its decade-plus existence.

The band's first line-up was an amalgam of late 80s hardcore bands Insight, Better Way, and Brainstorm. In 1990, Insight and Brainstorm played their final show together to a packed Speedway Cafe. Iceburn quickly formed in their wake, featuring Gentry Densley (Better Way, Brainstorm) on guitar, Jeremy Chatelain (Insight, Brainstorm) on vocals, Doug Wright (Insight, Brainstorm) on bass, Chad "Chubba" Smith (Insight) on drums and James Holder (Insight) on guitar.

With this crew, Iceburn released the Burn / Fall 7" through Victory Records in 1991.

A. Burn
B. Fall