Integrity / Krieg - split

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Metallic horror trailblazers INTEGRITY join forces with cult US black metal horde KRIEG for an unearthly split recording. Festering beneath forests of debauched illusion, INTEGRITY infects its prey through unconventional auditory means. Inflicting and dispensing their nightmares through cavernous faith and conjuring a new gospel for those neglected and forgotten apparitions. KRIEG contributes their only song written and recorded since 2014's Transient as well as more obscure older material set to create a miserable sonic experience for the listener.

1.  Integrity - Scorched Earth
2. Integrity - Flames of the Immortal
3. Integrity - Sons of Satan
4. Integrity - Document One
5. Krieg - Circle of Guilt
6. Krieg - This Time I’ll Leave You to Drown
7. Krieg - The Sick Winds Stir the Cold Dawn (live)