Integrity - To Die For

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To Die For is everything you want in an Integrity record: harsh, intense darkened hardcore with strong thrash overtones and an overall feeling of impending doom. The band adds a few contemporary wrinkles in a sparkling, slightly too bright production job (a rarity in this band's discography) and a complicated uptick in slamming grooves and breakdowns. This gloss of contemporary songwriting and production tricks didn't stick around after this record and doesn't really diminish it too much overall. That same apocalyptic hate filled mindset is prevalent throughout, along with the classic atonal divebomb guitar solos and chugging double bass thrash runs. In terms of a comeback, it really does bring the band back around to what they did best.

1. Taste My Sin
2. Dreams Bleed On
3. Blessed Majesty
4. Heavens Final War
5. Nothing Left
6. Hated Of The World
7. Lost Without You
8. Burn It Down
9. To Die For