Ironed Out LBU - We Move As One

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Brand new UKHC - LBU album "We Move As One" by London's very own Ironed Out. 12 tracks setting new standards. With smooth bass, crushing guitars, pounding drums and a dual vocal assault "We Move As One" takes the Ironed Out sound and style further than before.
Featuring members of Knuckledust, Crippler, Proven, 50 Caliber, Bun Dem Out, and Life Betrays Us.

After the success of breakthrough release "Us & Them" followed up by "In These Ends" Ironed Out bring you "We Move As One".
12 tracks of Ironed Outs signature mix of the sounds of ukhc, grime and heavy music. The band continues to push the boundaries with this genre and are in no rush of stopping anytime soon. 

Known for detailing life from positive and negative aspects of city living, each track tells it's own story the only way Ironed Out knows how. "Pagans" is an insight into rise of far right extremism that is taking hold in many parts of today's society and "All Hope Is Lost" touches upon the issues surrounding depression and mental health. Also included is a re-recording of fan & dance floor favourite "ACAB". 

1. Intro
2. Pavement Strong
3. Crazy Old World
4. Ain’t Raw
5. Pagans
7. Setting In
8. All Hope Is Lost
9. Our Struggles Don’t Count
10. Stranger Than Fiction
11. 6 Weeks
12. We Move As One