Jungle Rot - Order Shall Prevail

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Jungle Rot's dues have been paid and their stripes have been earned. On the eve of their ninth full-length album, Order Shall Prevail, the band reinforces their position as a staple in the old school death metal arena. Order Shall Prevail delivers more of the groove-laden, no-frills savagery fans have come to expect from Jungle Riot. With a rich history of blood, sweat and tears work ethic, Jungle Rot are now prepared for the crowning opportunity they rightfully deserve.

1. Doomsday
2. Paralyzed Prey
3. Blood Revenge
4. Fight Where You Stand
5. Max Cavalera
6. Order Shall Prevail
  • 7. The Dread Pestilence
  • 8. I Cast the First Stone
  • 9. E.F.K. 
  • 10. Trench Tactics
  • 11. Nuclear Superiority