Kvelertak - Endling

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Kvelertak is the gold standard in punked-up, black-metal adjacent, classic-rock worshipping, extreme music. The band described by Revolver as "blackened rock 'n' roll party beasts," with their triple-guitar harmonies and heaps of lyrics written in their native Norwegian, is truly unlike any other. Tracks summoned on their brilliant, new album, "Endling," will undoubtedly become as beloved, from "Kroterveg Te Helvete" to "Skoggangr," and "Svart September" to the album's astounding title track.

This is the opaque orange indie exclusive 2LP edition.

1. Kroterveg Te Helvete
2. Fedrekult
3. Likvoke
4. Motsols
5. Dogeniktens Kvad
6. Endling
7. Skoggangr
8. Paranoia 297
9. Svart September
10. Morild