Length Of Time - Let The World With The Sun Go Down

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"There is nothing more reassuring than having a band you know and love stay true to themselves, evolve and yet still sound completely recognisable to the band you fell in love with all those years ago. Length Of Time provide just that feeling with Let The World With the Sun Go Down." 

There is something very reassuring when hearing a brand new Length Of Time song and from all of the chaos Ross's powerfully haunting and melodic voice engulfs the chorus of the song and you know that this is the Length Of Time you fell in love with all those years ago in the late 90's. "Let The World With The Sun Go Down" is their debut release for GSR Music and it is an honour to finally have them be part of the family, because Length Of Time is one of those band's that have something that few bands possess and that is the ability to stay true to themselves, evolve over time, yet still sound recognisable and be able to connect themselves to the sound they had when they started out 15 years ago. And that is exactly what you get with the 6 tracks offered on this limited digi-pack, something very recognisable, yet fresh. Length Of Time still have the ability to cave your head in with bone crushing riffs and juggernaut like grooves yet still mix in moments of delicateness as well as lashings of melodic breaks in the form of the aforementioned vocals from Ross, something that was missing from the band for a little. They are now back to full strength after a 2 and a half year hiatus with the addition of Jeremy from Enthroned on bass and ready to show you how fucked up the world is once more. It's safe to say that Length Of Time are essential listening for anyone that is a fan of hard music with more than enough metal for the metal kids and absolutely devastating breakdowns for the hardcore kids. Length Of Time were one of the originators of the metalcore genre and no doubt some of your current favourite bands drew inspiration from them directly or took inspiration from bands that were inspired by them giving them a status that few European  bands can lay claim to. If you missed them the first time round now is your chance to join the legion of a band that has seen it all, done it all, talked the talk and walked the walk. "Let The World With The Sun Go Down" isn't a comeback, because Length Of Time have never really left many of our heads or hearts, it's just 6 new brutal songs that you will want to play on repeat whilst reaching for their other classic records.

For Fans Of: Slayer, Heaven Shall Burn, Testament, Machine Head, Hatebreed.

1. Until The Blast
2. Grounded In Lies
3. Maleficious World
4. Misery And Confusion
5. War Martyrised World
6. Death Retreats - taken from the split 7" on Thirty Days Of Night Records - bonus