Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin [LP]

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Out of Warren County, New Jersey, the band known as Lorna Shore crashed onto the Metal scene back in 2010. Armed only with an EP titled Triumph and a willingness to explore their love of Deathcore music, Lorna Shore continue to grow and pick up steam as they set to return with their second full-length album, Flesh Coffin.

A follow-up to their 2015 full-length debut, Psalms, the album reached #23 on US Top Heatseekers, followed by subsequent touring with the likes of Carnifex and Chelsea Grin, among others. Signing on with Outerloop Records in September 2016, Flesh Coffin was quickly slated for release months later. 

Ten tracks in total, Vocalist Tom Barber rips into each track with precise growls, while Guitarists Adam De Micco and Connor Deffley provide insane riffs while Austin Archey adds his breakneck paced drumming to put the brutal finishing touches on the band’s sound.

Flesh Coffin is a heavy-hitting album with track after track filled with hellfire and murkiness. While Psalms focused more on politics and religion, this album illustrates a new train of thought with awesome imagery and concepts. The theme here is death, and different aspects of it, paired with incredible instrumentals and vocals. That in mind, Flesh Coffin feels refined, yet harsh and scathing.

A1. Offering Of Fire
A2. Denounce The Light
A3. The Astral Wake Of Time
A4. Desolate Veil
B1. Void
B2. Infernum
B3. The//Watcher
B4. Black Hollow
B5. Flesh Coffin