Madball - Hold It Down

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In 2000, Madball decided it was time for a change and inked a deal with the legendary independent label Epitaph Records. Based out of Los Angeles, Epitaph had made a name for itself with the success of west coast bands such as Rancid, NOFX and Pennywise, and was looking to balance their roster with some east coast flavor. So when Madball released "Hold It Down", it was a pummeling album in stark contrast to the more melodic punk music that Epitaph was known for. Nonetheless "Hold It Down" was poised to expose Madball to a larger punk rock audience, one that was ready to swallow a dose of something a bit harder edged than what they were accustomed to. Unfortunately Madball was forced to disband, due to legal and band issues, in early 2001, shortly after the release of "Hold It Down", and was unable to take full advantage of their newly found audience.

1. Intro
2. Can't Stop, Won't Stop
3. Hold It Down
4. Fall This Time
5. Everyday Hate
6. Done...
7. Say What?
8. D.I.F.M.M. (Fuck You)
9. Show No Fear
10. Never Look Back
11. Still Searching
12. Confessions
13. Thinking To Myself
14. Semper Fi